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Test Machine

Short cycle press and hydraulic equipment manufacturer

Technical Parameters of Test Machine 
It’s suitable for laminating melamine paper in one side of small size PB or MDF,as well as suitable for paper pattern test in printery or impregnated paper production factory.Electric heating or thermal oil heating.

Model Total Pressure of the width(KN) Diameter of plunger cylinder(mm) Number of plunger cylinder(pcs) Width size
YXX-75 750 Φ200 1 600*600
Depends on customers
YXX-150 1500 Φ280 1 600*600
Depends on customers
YXX-200 2000 Φ320 1 600*600
Depends on customers

Advantages of Test machine
The test hot press is widely used in the proofing test of stainless steel formwork and melamine impregnated paper.
The system is a fast closed pressurization system with hydraulic overload protection device to prevent damage caused by ultra-high pressure.
The electric system is controlled by PLC and equipped with touch screen settings: plate thickness, time, pressure and temperature, etc. pressing process parameters, sending out relevant signals to control the press. Power line is three-phase four-wire system.
The electric cabinet is equipped with leakage protection and ventilation measures; the electric control box is equipped with emergency stop switch; and the electrical system has complete line protection function.

Why choose YUANFONG as your supplier?
1.Professional design
Our engineers team will draw the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet  safety production.
2.Advanced equipment
YUANFONG has specialized in wood processing,building material,decoration and other industries, for more than decade years. All the devices are produced with great care to make sure perfectly running in customer’s factory.
3.Humanized after-service
YUANFONG provides quality guarantee,all the faulty parts will be recalled without any cost. Professional    engineers will be sent to customer’s factory to help stall the production line until it runs well. Provide technical support within 1 hour to ensure that customers can solve problems in short time.

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