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Melamine Laminated Flooring Production Line

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Melamine Laminated Flooring Production Line
What is laminated flooring?
Generally speaking, laminate flooring is a wood based product made by fusing together a few basic layers and sealing them together. Laminate flooring is made by fusing all the layers together using extremely high pressure, as well as very high temperatures.
Accordingly, laminated flooring has the following advantages: wear-resisting, good stability, nurse easily, high cost performance,colorful designs and fire-resistance.

The surface texture is depended by the stainless-steel chrome plate which is installed inside hot press machine.
The press machine is pressing the board touching by chrome plate. That is how the surface design came out.
The laminated boards have many artificial surface such as MIRROR, MATT, SUEDE, WOODGRAIN, SUEDE, EMBOSSED, 3D etc.

Flooring production line


What machines are required to install a laminated flooring production line?

1. Short cycle laminating line

Laminate flooring production line machine is used for pressing all kinds of laminate flooring wood parquet, and  V groove wood parquet, grasping grain wood parquet etc. high-grade laminate flooring with vivid surface texture;
The parquet wood laminate flooring production line machine is easy to operate and control by touch screen, to setup the time and pressure.
parquet wood laminate flooring production line machine main frame structure adpots world well-known steel brand-Shagang steel.
The electric components of the parquet wood laminate flooring production line machine are from Shneider, Mitsubishi,Delta, Simens and so on.

Technical Parameters of Shot Cycle Hot Press

Model Total Pressure of the width(KN) Diameter of plunger cylinder(mm) Number of plunger cylinder(PC) Width size(ft)
YXS-2000 20000 Φ360 8 4*8,4*9,5*8,
YXS-2400 24000 Φ400 8 4*8,4*9,5*8,
YXS-2800 28000 Φ420 8 4*8,4*9,5*8,
YXS-3200 32000 Φ450 8 4*8,4*9,5*8,

1. Multi-rips cutting line
2. Laminate flooring DET (Double End Tenoner) production line
3. Automatic painting & waxing line line

4. Automatic film shrink packing line

5. Dust extraction system

How to build a laminate flooring production line?

1. Workshop
Usually,a complete flooring production line includes 3-4 short cycle lamination lines and a rest of flooring line. An automatic lamination line covers 320 m2(length:40 meters,width:8 meters), 1,200 m2 (length:60 meters,width:20 meters) for flooring processes. So totally 2,500 m2 space is required for machinery equipment.
2. Warehouse
Meanwhile,2,000 m2 warehouse is needed for raw boards,melamine paper,laminated boards,finished flooring,etc.
3. Operating workers
To operate the whole production line with 3 shifts,60-70 workers are needed.
4. Production capacity
Full automatic flooring line has a production capacity 5,500 m2 per shift (8 hours).
Why choose YUANFONG as your supplier?
1.Professional design
Our engineers team will draw the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet  safety production.
2.Advanced equipment
YUANFONG has specialized in wood processing,building material,decoration and other industries, for more than decade years. All the devices are produced with great care to make sure perfectly running in customer’s factory.
3.Humanized after-service
YUANFONG provides quality guarantee,all the faulty parts will be recalled without any cost. Professional engineers will be sent to customer’s factory to help stall the production line until it runs well. Provide technical support within 1 hour to ensure that customers can solve problems in short time.

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