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Molding Press Machine

Short cycle press and hydraulic equipment manufacturer

Advantage of Molding Press Machine
There is an independent hydraulic system in this equipment, after many years of production practice has proved that has good stability,high production efficiency, energy saving, and can supply steam or heat conduction oil heating use.It is convenient to change the mould, can produce a variety of specifications of the pallet, easy to install,and no need to locate the foundation.We have different types of compressed wood pallet equipment to supply to different customers,and we can also design according to your special requirements.

Parameters of Molding Press Machine

Model Total Pressure of the width(KN) Diameter of plunger cylinder(mm) Number of plunger cylinder(pcs) Width size Number of layers Distance between layers(mm)
YXM-800 1500 Φ140 4 4*8
depends on customers
3-20 80-200
YXM-1000 2000 Φ160 4 4*8
depends on customers
3-20 80-200
YXM-1200 3000 Φ200 4 4*8
depends on customers
3-20 80-200

Characteristic of Molding Press Machine

We pushed down many solutions and patterns and finally adopt the three-beam four-column structure of Molding Press Machine ,high precision, high durability, and high automation.
Better molds design.The four column guide device assures the precision of closing moulds and the stability of pressing during the working of press machine.The upper mold is integrated with the “Sliding beam”, which doubles the strength, stability and precision.High precision makes pallets surface smooth without burrs.Changing the waste to treasure. 
1. Multiple pallets can be stacked together, and the height of 50 pallets is about 7 feet.
Exports are exempt from fumigation and quarantine.
2. No harmful substances, no restrictions on exports.
3. It meets the requirements of world environmental protection, can be recycled, recycled, reused, and has low pollution.
4. Strong bearing capacity, no deformation, and reusable.
5. The moisture content is low, generally controlled between 6%~8%, and the tray does not absorb moisture or deform during use.

What materials can make pallet?
The hot compress wood pallet making machine mainly use the Bamboo shavings, wood sawdust, wood shavings, scrap materials ,waste wood as raw materials.

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