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Short Cycle Press Machine

Short cycle press and hydraulic equipment manufacturer

Short Cycle Hot Press Machine Overview

The melamine paper and raw board (PB/chipboard/HDF/MDF/ plywood) are pressed together through short cycle press with high pressure,high temperature and short cycle time.
The press machine also can press veneer&Phenolic film on MDF,chipboard,plywood.
With different pressure,various of textures can be produced,such as glossy,matte,wood grain,marble etc.
The pressure can from 1200T to 3200T (based on 1220*2440mm board).
The raw board size : 1220*2440 / 1220*2745 / 1220*3050 / 1830*2440 / 2100*2800 / 1830*3660 etc. other size can be customized.
The finished product can be processed to wardrobes,wallboard,flooring,furniture,etc.

Short Cycle Hot Press Machine Parameters

Model Total Pressure of the width(KN) Diameter of plunger cylinder(mm) Number of plunger cylinder(PC) Width size(ft)
YXS-1200 12000 Φ320 8 4*8,4*9,5*8,
YXS-1400 14000 Φ340 8
YXS-1400 14000 Φ340 8
YXS-1600 16000 Φ320 8
YXS-1800 18000 Φ340 8
YXS-2000 20000 Φ360 8
YXS-2400 24000 Φ400 8
YXS-2800 28000 Φ420 8
YXS-3200 32000 Φ450 8

Short Cycle Hot Press Machine Video



Advantages of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

- The auxiliary time is short, and the press can be closed and pressurized quickly.
- The board feeding machine and the board discharging machine adopt the output method of linear guide rail to       realize fast loading and unloading of boards.
- Stable and fast working process, proper paper usage, the maximum output can reach 100 sheets/hour.
- The labor is simplified, and one person can operate the entire production line.
- High-quality pressing products meet the production requirements of high-end furniture or floors.

High-Temperature Application of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

One of the standout features of the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine is its ability to operate at high temperatures. With precise temperature control mechanisms, it ensures optimal heat distribution throughout the pressing process. The elevated temperature allows for efficient bonding of materials, resulting in a superior finished product.

Rapid Pressing Capability

Time is of the essence in manufacturing, and the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine excels in this aspect. It offers rapid pressing capability, significantly reducing the production cycle time. By exerting high pressure in a short duration, it enables manufacturers to increase their output without compromising on quality.

Uniform Heat Distribution

Achieving uniform heat distribution is critical for ensuring consistent results. The Short Cycle Hot Press Machine incorporates advanced heating elements and heat transfer technologies to distribute heat evenly across the material being pressed. This uniformity minimizes the risk of defects and ensures the structural integrity of the final product.
Versatility and Adaptability
Manufacturers deal with a wide range of materials and products, and the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine is designed to handle this diversity. It can accommodate various sizes and thicknesses of materials, making it highly versatile. Additionally, its adaptability allows for the customization of pressing parameters to meet specific production requirements.
Enhanced Product Quality of Short Cycle Hot Press Line
Quality is paramount in the wood and furniture industry, and the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine excels in delivering superior results. Through its precise temperature control, uniform heat distribution, and rapid pressing capability, it ensures that the laminated materials have excellent adhesion, strength, and surface finish.
Increased Production Efficiency

The Short Cycle Hot Press Machine is a productivity booster. Its rapid pressing capability and high operational efficiency allow manufacturers to achieve higher production volumes in less time. By streamlining the manufacturing process, it helps businesses meet customer demands promptly and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, energy efficiency and sustainability have become significant factors in machine design. The Short Cycle Hot Press Machine incorporates energy-saving features such as efficient insulation, optimized heating systems, and reduced heat loss. By minimizing energy consumption, it contributes to a greener and more sustainable manufacturing process.


Intelligent Technology Of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

The products with high technology,high performance,high quality is our technical principle,which can be visualized in whole manufacturing process,routine test and delivery inspection as well as in the control of raw material purchase and stable accessories selection.


Maintenance Tips for Short Cycle Hot Press Line

1. Regular Cleaning and Lubrication
Regular cleaning and lubrication are fundamental aspects of short hot press line maintenance. Remove any dust, debris, or adhesive residues from the equipment. Use suitable cleaning agents and non-abrasive materials to avoid damaging the surfaces. Additionally, lubricate the moving parts, such as chains, bearings, and guides, as per the manufacturer's recommendations to minimize friction and wear.
2. Inspection and Maintenance of Heating Elements
The heating elements are critical components of a short cycle hot press line. Inspect them regularly for any signs of damage or malfunction. Check for broken or worn-out wires, loose connections, or hot spots. Replace faulty heating elements promptly to ensure consistent heat distribution and prevent uneven pressing.
3. Monitoring and Adjusting Press Parameters
Monitor and maintain the press parameters within the recommended range. Pay attention to the temperature, pressure, and dwell time settings. Regularly calibrate the sensors and gauges to ensure accurate readings. If necessary, make adjustments to optimize the pressing process and achieve desired results.
4. Handling Electrical Components
When performing maintenance tasks involving electrical components, always prioritize safety. Ensure the power is turned off and the equipment is properly grounded before working on any electrical connections. Use insulated tools and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent electric shock hazards.
5. Safety Precautions during Maintenance
Maintenance activities on a hot press line can involve potential hazards. Prioritize safety by following established safety procedures. Provide proper training to maintenance personnel and ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools and protective gear. Regularly inspect safety devices, such as emergency stop buttons and interlocks, to ensure they are functioning correctly.


Other Commodities Related To Short Cycle Press Machine

Why choose YUANFONG as your Short Cycle Hot Press Machine supplier?


1.Professional design

Our engineers team will draw the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet  safety production.

2.Advanced equipment

YUANFONG has specialized in wood processing,building material,decoration and other industries, for more than decade years. All the devices are produced with great care to make sure perfectly running in customer’s factory.

3.Humanized after-service

YUANFONG provides quality guarantee,all the faulty parts will be recalled without any cost. Professional    engineers will be sent to customer’s factory to help stall the production line until it runs well. Provide technical support within 1 hour to ensure that customers can solve problems in short time.

FAQ of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

Q: What is the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine?
A: The Short Cycle Hot Press Machine is a specialized equipment used in the wood and furniture industry for laminating and pressing materials.

Q: How does the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine enhance product quality?
A: The machine ensures precise temperature control, uniform heat distribution, and rapid pressing capability, resulting in superior adhesion, strength, and surface finish of the laminated materials.

Q: What industries benefit from the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine?
A: Industries such as furniture manufacturing, woodworking, laminating, and panel production heavily rely on these machines for efficient and high-quality production.

Q: Does the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine contribute to energy efficiency?
A: Yes, the machine incorporates energy-saving features and optimized heating systems, reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability.

Q: Is the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine easy to maintain?
A: Yes, the machine is designed with easy access to components, allowing for efficient maintenance and timely servicing, minimizing downtime, and maximizing operational efficiency.

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